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Paste your schema document with vc (version-control) attributes into the text box above, and click "Filter".

Assume version number
Assume additional datatypes
Assume additional facets

What is this?

XSD 1.1 (that is, version 1.1 of the “XML Schema Definition Language” defined by the World Wide Web Consortium) defines several attributes for use in XSD schema documents, to allow the same schema document to be used with schema processors supporting different versions of XSD.

This page uses an XSLT stylesheet to illustrate the principle.

The stylesheet reads the document on the left, filters it according to the rules specified in the XSD 1.1 spec, and displays the result on the right. You can download and use locally the stylesheet locally if you wish; this may be handy if you write a schema document with both XSD 1.0 and XSD 1.1 versions of some constructs and wish to feed it to an XSD 1.0 validator that does not understand the VC namespace.

Further details in the documentation.