C. M. Sperberg-McQueen

Michael Sperberg-McQueen (photo courtesy Liam Quin)

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It appears I have Erdős number 6 (via Verner E. Hoggatt Jr., Leonard Carlitz, Jack Levine, Robert R. Korfhage, and David Dubin).

Contact Info

Email: cmsmcq@blackmesatech.com, Post: 259 State Road 399, Española, New Mexico 87532-3170. Tel: +1 (505) 747-4224.

N.B. I filter my email using a white list, so if you have not written me before your email will go into a folder for unknown senders rather than into my in box. I check the holding tank periodically, but (a) it does slow down delivery of mail from unknown addresses at the best of times, and (b) since about 99.5% of the mail in the holding tank is junk, I scan the subject lines of mail caught in the filter rather fast, so it's possible that I may miss a legitimate message if its subject line looks like one spammers use. So if you write me out of the blue, using an informative subject line is a good idea.

Or alternatively: if you are writing me out of the blue, but you have taken the trouble to find and read this page, perhaps I should give you a password. If you include the phrase “a fortiori” in your subject line, my white-list system will not put it in the unknown-sender mailbox. You don't need to find a way to use it naturally; the system will just look for the string in the subject line. (And since you are wondering, no, it has no occult significance. I used a random number generator to select a random headword from a random page of the collegiate dictionary that came first to my hand, and a fortiori was the selected headword on the selected page.)

I take this opportunity to note that since my name and email address are publicly available, they are routinely forged by mailers of spam and viruses. I apologize if you receive virus-laden email purporting to be from me, but it almost certainly isn't really from me.


Some documents I make available on the web are listed separately. A fuller description of my background is also available in my vita, for the situations when such a document is necessary. A one-page version of the vita in PDF is available for letter-size and A4 paper.