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SDB (demo)

Selection of document bits (SDB)

A simple filter for XML documents

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This form generates an XSLT stylesheet for filtering an XML document usefully, by removing the tags and selected content.

Select a working document

First step: load a (local) XML document to work with. N.B. You may be asked to allow a Java applet to have access to your file system. You'll need to say yes for this to work.

Select document

Working document

Current working document: .
Root element type:
Number of elements:
Select a new document to work with:

Document filter

Next step: select the document bits you want. (Hence the name SDB.)

Select or clear the checkboxes to include or exclude elements from the output.

For included elements select or clear the checkbox to indicate that the element boundary implies a word boundary (or not).

Click Done when you are finished with your selections.

Characters that mark word boundaries:
Characters to be suppressed entirely:
Element: Include? Word boundary?
Adjust configuration
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The filter's root element is named and has elements.
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Filtered output

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