Thutmose II online interface

The Thutmose II stylesheet, and this Web interface to it, are neither of them complete. Regard your use of this page as an alpha test. And let us know if you run into troubles or have ideas for improvements. Thanks.

Current status: The main bibliographic fields are handled (correctly, I think), including notes (5xx fields).

Major known gaps (see also the documentation):

Most recent change: Added troubleshooting hints to this page. Fixed some constructs in the default configuration file that made the output invalid against the Library SIG schemas.

Last update: $Date: 2011-01-06 16:53:10 -0800 (Thu, 06 Jan 2011) $ $Revision: 320 $ (Strictly speaking, this is the last update to this page, not the software. But they are usually updated together. That's what the current-status and most-recent-change information above is for.)



Paste a sample MARC record (in MARCXML) into the Input text box above (or: click on the "Random sample" button to get a randomly chosen sample MARC record), and then click "Filter". (Problems? See troubleshooting hints below.)

Modify the configuration file below to test the effect:

What is this?

Thutmose II is an XSLT stylesheet that takes MARC records (in MARCXML form) for books (or other bibliographic items) as input, and creates TEI headers for digitized forms of those books as output.

This page allows you to experiment with Thutmose II without downloading and installing it.

The stylesheet mt2.xsl reads the MARC data in the left text area, filters it according to the rules specified in the configuration file (in the bottom text area), and places the result in the text area on the right. This interface is intended for experimentation and testing; if you want to use Thutmose on large numbers of MARC records, it will be more convenient to download the stylesheet and the default configuration file and to run the stylesheet locally.

Further details about Thutmose and its parameters are given in the documentation. The MARC/TEI mapping in the default configuration file is defined by the TEI Special Interest Group on Libraries in their document “Best Practices for TEI in Libraries”, ed. Kevin Hawkins and Michelle Dalmau.


If you have trouble getting this online interface to work, the following hints may help.

Keep it well-formed
If you edit either the MARC record or the configuration document, make sure you don't accidentally introduce well-formedness errors; the online interface does not currently have useful error diagnostics, and the result will just be that you don't get any useful output.
Delete any XML declaration (yes, really)
For reasons too complicated to explain, the online version won't work if your MARC record (or the configuration document) has an XML declaration. If you paste in a MARC record that does have an XML declaration, delete the XML declaration. (Tip of the hat to Terry Catapano for finding this one.)
Declare your namespaces
If you paste in a MARC record taken from some larger collection of MARC records, make sure it has all the required namespace declarations.

Some problems may appear both in the online interface and when you run the stylesheet locally; for them, see the main Thutmose documentation.


Thutmose II was developed by Black Mesa Technologies LLC with support from the Text Encoding Initiative Consortium, to whom thanks. Thanks also to Syd Bauman of Brown University for discussions of the overall design of Thutmose, and to Wendell Piez of Mulberry Technologies for assistance with an XPath 1.0 puzzle. As indicated in the XML comments, the sample MARC records have been taken from data made publicly available by the Library of Congress and by the HATHI Trust, whose generosity and good work are gratefully acknowledged.

Thanks also to Terry Catapano (Columbia U.) for suggestions and for finding bugs.